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Hamilton Studios is a Kansas based creative audio and visual media arts production company. We specialize in letting your imagination meet with our creativity to create the most meaningful and valuable videos, songs, short films, and other audio work. Each one of our team members is creatively blessed and driven, giving us the ability to deliver world-class services!

Meet our team of artists, musicians, cinematographers, and more:

William Hamilton – Lead Cinematographer

William is the lead cinematographer and audio technician for Hamilton Studios, LLC. Visual and audio media is his passion. From producing his own music on Spotify, playing piano for business events, leading local worship and bands, to filming weddings, corporate events and advertisements, William can do just about everything in the audio-visual world!
Now let’s let your creativity be imagined and start working together today!

Gabriel Butel – Director of Photography

Gabriel Butel is a cinematographer and photographer that partners with Hamilton Studios. Gabriel is known for his incredible artistic vision, storytelling and friendly nature. He is the founder, lead cinematographer, and lead photographer at Butel Media Group.

Liam Cothran – Director Of Audio Production

Liam Cothran is Hamilton Studio’s Director of Audio Production. Liam’s ingenuity and creativity when producing music is unmatched, and his ability to carefully curate music to specific artist’s needs and wants is unparalleled. Liam is best known for his upbeat original and electronic covers such as ‘Designer Skyline‘ and ‘Skin

Paige Crouch – Creative Arts Director

Paige Crouch is the resident Creative Arts Director at Hamilton Studios, LLC. Paige has both incredible artistic and musical abilities and utilizes those talents to create beautiful pieces of visual and musical art. She loves painting and creating visual media as well as working in the studio producing impressive music and recording her lovely vocals. She is currently studying at Peru State College, aiming for a degree in Biochemistry with a minor in music. Paige is best known for her live performances and work on covers such as ‘Holy Water‘ and original Hamilton Studio’s ‘Flood’.

Clairen Donaldson – Sales Manager

Clairen Donaldson is a creative and artistic young woman from central United States. She is incredibly gifted vocally, having one of the most uniquely beautiful voices to grace the earth. Clairen is a business major studying sales at Kansas State University and works with Hamilton Studios in our advertising, music and production areas.

Parker Crouch – Chief Audio Engineer

Parker Crouch is one of the most talented persons you will ever meet. From his incredible musicianship to his enthralling aura of charisma, Parker will leave you speechless with the musical art he produces. Parker is best known for his work on ‘Tremble‘ and other live performances.

Andrew Hunt – Lead Musician

Andrew Hunt is the lead musician for hire at Hamilton Studios. He is an acoustic player and an incredible vocalist. He is best known for his work on original tracks ‘Face to Face‘ and ‘River Roars‘ as well as producing breathtaking vocal covers of songs such as ‘Hallelujah‘ and ‘Living Hope
He loves to play the guitar and worship his savior. He loves using his talents to bless other people through song!

Caleb Lagrone – Director of Music

Caleb is a musician and young artist whose passion for music is evident in his everyday life. His love for Christian, country, and classic rock have led him to writing his own music and leading worship and music for churches, ministries, and more. Caleb loves to worship his Savior with everything he is, and wants to praise them through every song he writes and performs. Caleb is best known for his work on original productions ‘Face to Face‘ and ‘Redeemed‘.

Jayden Johnson – Production Manager

The beautiful and multi-talented Jayden Johnson is our Administrative and Production Manager. She specializes in assisting with our wedding photography and cinematography. Jayden manages Hamilton Studios and helps to keep our business running smoothly everyday. She is studying to become a Physician’s Assistant at ACC. Jayden is creatively blessed in her artistic and organizational talents. She is best known for her work on weddings, such as this film here.