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Hamilton Studios is a Kansas-based creative audio and visual media arts production company. We specialize in letting your imagination meet with our creativity to create the most meaningful and valuable videos, songs, short films, and other audio work. Each one of our team members is creatively blessed and driven, giving us the ability to deliver world-class services! This testimonial video is an advertisement by Hamilton Studios, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Video Or Audio Production For My Business?

Studies show that users spend 88% more time on a website that has videos. Videos generate 1200% more shares than both images and text. 61% of marketers see video as a “very important” part of their marketing strategy.
Video production can easily introduce customers to products, ideas, or services. Videos enable businesses to communicate and to sell your product or services to the customer in the best way imaginable!

What Services Does Hamilton Studios, LLC Provide?

Everything from weddings, to commercials and real estate to music videos, and interviews to short films and disney-styled music to hip-hop and rap, country, christian and more. If you want it, we can do it.
We have produced music that is now on Spotify, and Apple Music. We have worked with choirs, churches, bands and more to produce the highest quality concerts, albums, jingles and more. Let’s get your project going today!

What Are Hamilton Studios Average Project Rates?

Our rates are going to vary depending on the project. Contact us to get a quote on your project as soon as today!
Make sure you have in mind an outline of your ideas, a timeline for the project, and a budget for us to work with. This will allow us to deliver a quote as soon as possible. We love to work with everyone, and cannot wait to start enabling your business’ creativity, today!

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